What is SMW and who are we?

We're a team of 8 people inspired by women and by the fast growing mobile and tablet market. Our challenge is to work on an ambitious and creative project for women that includes eBooks and a dedicated social network, all available on mobile and tablet apps.

Every day is an adventure and now we want to make it happen!

What are our products?

We are currently developing the SMW iPhone app that will be the social network for women to connect internationally with other women, to share stories, experiences, advices and informative content. “The Femme Fatale of Apps" will be available from July 01st !

A landmark innovation of this project comes from our personalized interactive books:

Both are available as an iPad app, and soon after for Android and other platforms.


How do our eBooks work?

The engine of our self help eBooks interacts with your personality through videos, games and polls. It analyzes your behaviour and gives you personalized psychological feedback as you read. Those eBooks will help you question and understand yourself, and they are guaranteed to cause a laugh or two!

A unique reading experience.